Hello moon child!

Thanks for taking the time to apply to become a part of The Moon Crew to help share the magic of Yoga + Astrology! We are excited to get to know you and learn more about what you do! Before you apply, please read the details below so you are totally up to speed on our requirements! 


Details for Yoga Instructors:

  • Yoga Instructors must be RYT-200 or more
  • NO prior knowledge of astrology is required to be considered.
  • New & Full Moon Meditations are about creating experiences rather than classes, so any other wisdom you have in the realm of healing and movement is more than welcome (burning sage, tarot cards, crystals, chanting, setting intentions, you name it...we are probably down).
  • We look for instructors who are interested in creating an unforgettable evening, not simply teaching a yoga/meditation class.
  • Instructors are given creative control over the sequence and playlist. 
  • Sequences should be formatted for a 75min time slot
  • Sequences should be appropriate for ALL-LEVELS
  • Classes can have a maximum of 20 students 
  • Instructors are paid a flat rate based on the size of their class:
    • Up to 10 people: $40
    • 10-15 people: $50
    • 15-20 people: $60

Details for Food/Beverage Sponsors:

  • Local businesses ONLY (Saint Paul/Minneapolis and the surrounding suburbs)
  • Depending on location, may have to drop off product at event site.
  • Must be willing to provide enough sample-sized product for up to 20 people.
  • We welcome promotional material in modest amounts (NO full sized flyers please. Postcard size or smaller).
  • Must have current licensing in the state of MN.

Ready to join in!? Awesome. Let's get cosmic! Please fill out the form below:

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Please check all of the events you would like to be considered for. Please note: doors open for students at 7:00p (instructors are expected to be there around or before 7p). Events begin at 7:30p and run for approx. 75 minutes.
Yoga Instructors, please include training credentials + teaching experience and what you could bring to a New Moon Meditation. Food/Bev Sponsors, please include what you sell, and what you'd be willing to contribute to a New Moon Meditation.
Yoga Instructors, please provide a paragraph or two about you as an instructor. Sponsors, please provide a brief description of your company/mission statement. This will be on our event page for attendees to view and get introduced to you. If you have already applied and do not need to update your bio, please write "N/A" in the box below and we will use your previously submitted information.