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Do good. Look good. Feel good.

Security Blankets have one mission: to keep you as cozy as you came. We take mindfulness seriously, so know that from start to finish, these heartwarming wraps are made with love. We source each and every one by hand from vintage, one-of-a-kind Afghans made between 1900-1990. Using vintage materials allows us to produce zero-waste and keep our environmental impact to a minimum. We care about the preservation of  handcraft so we have our sweaters hand-assembled by seamstresses based in the Twin Cities. And the best part? Every time you purchase one, 10% goes back to provide cost-free yoga and meditation to children in our community who need it most.



Sacred Space Summit

10 days of collective guidance to create Sacred Space.



T H E Sacred S p ∞ c e Portal


Registration is closed for the December Summit. To be notified of future online gatherings, please sign up for our newsletter below!





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Crystal Healing Sessions

Rest your vessel. Raise your vibrations. Elevate your energy.

Crystal Healing Sessions are the way to make your self-care sacred. These unique sessions are a hybrid of Quartz Crystal Soundbath and individual Reiki Healing. Each gathering consists of 45-90 minutes of cozy meditation to the hypnotic hum of 7 Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls. While you swim in the vibrations, you will receive Reiki Healing to deepen your session. Treat yourself to the stillness and bliss you yearn for.



Our Future



The Mindfulness Movement

It is easier to build strong children than repair broken adults

-F. Douglass


10% of all profits from the sale of CTG products goes back to our community to bring yoga, meditation and art to kids in local schools who need it most. We employ local yoga instructors, teachers and healers to bring their wisdom and warmth to these inspiring humans. Creating a better future starts with Creating the Grace today.


Meet Cait 

Caitlin Gottschalk (Cait the Great) is the Owner/Founder of CTG Yoga.

She holds a 200hr Vinyasa Yoga certification and practices and teaches throughout the Twin Cities. She is trained in Sacred Geometry Level I and is passionate about creating sacred spaces for people to deepen their practice and process of healing.

She currently lives in a quaint and quiet home in Saint Paul with two very magical cats by her side (meet them below!). She is left-handed, and a sagittarius. 

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