This batch of Security Blankets is inspired by yogic mudras.


Vajrapradama Mudra, The Mudra of Unshakable Trust

MUDRA 101 (brought to you by @etlyoga): 


Vajrapradama Mudra is a Mudra of fundamental trust and foundation for inner connectedness. By interlacing the fingers, lifting middle fingers from lower fingers and make an 'x,' left finger under right, pointer fingers will lift from middle fingers to touch and make a point, thumbs out and up Vajrapradama Mudra is created. Channeling inner strength in the form of trust, confidence and connection. So powerful! Vajarprdama Mudra is to be used in times of uncertainty. The times we doubt ourselves and abilities in order to foster inner strength and trust. 

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Made from vintage, one-of-a-kind Afghans, sourced sustainably and made by hand, one stitch at a time. Each one is entirely unique so if you see one that speaks to you--scoop it up before it's gone! Every Festival Hoods is designed based on the original shape and structure of the Afghan so individual styles may vary. 

DID YA KNOW? CTG 'Festival Hoods' not only keep your crown chakra all kinds of cozy, but every time you buy one, you are also buying a child-in-need access to yoga and mediation through The Mindfulness Movement (to find out more, click here).

Locally sourced. 

Handmade by local seamstress in Minneapolis, MN.


Please note that since all sourcing for Security Blankets is done by collecting vintage Afghans, the the materials used to make the Security Blankets is not known. 

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