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#MyMudra I Instagram Challenge

 MyMudra Awareness Challenge: September 1-11th! 

Hosts: @ctgyogalife @etlyoga@yogalately@shawndaobriantnoone@lonflaherty

Sponsors: @sweetharriet@yogisurprise@kure365 @ctgyogalife

Join our hosts and sponsors in drawing awareness to the familiar and less familiar practice of Mudra's. #MyMudraaims to introduce and educate about the different Mudra's that can be incorporated into a Meditation and Asana practice! We hope you can find your Mudra in our #MyMudraAwarenessChallenge!

How to fully participate: 
1. Follow all hosts and sponsors.
2. Tag 3 yogi's to draw awarness to the amazing practice of Mudra's. 
3. Take a photo of the Mudra of the day and upload to your account using the#MyMudra
4. Mention Hosts and sponsors in your post so we can see your amazing Mudra's!
5. Participate fully! Answer the daily questions and get creative! We want to see YOUR Mudra's. Please make sure your account is public so we can see your posts. Also, take a look at what your community is posting, support and like their posts. 

Sept 1 @yogalately
Sept 2 @ctgyogalife
Sept 3 @etlyoga
Sept 4 @shawndaobriantnoone
Sept 5 @ctgyogalife
Sept 6 @lonflaherty
Sept 7 @etlyoga
Sept 8 @shawndaobriantnoone
Sept 9 @lonflaherty
Sept 10 @shawndaobriantnoone
Sept 11 Yogi's choice. Share a Mudra you love with us! Tell us why you resonate with this Mudra. 

4 dedicated participants will be chosen to receive some amazing goodies from our sponsors! Don't miss out!!

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