Hello little star seed.

We are thrilled to have your interest in joining the CTG tribe. As a brand ambassador, you will become an integral part of the team and will gain access to the latest product releases and upcoming events...in addition to some other stellar perks! 

So what exactly does it mean to become a "Brand Ambassador"?


Well I'm glad you asked. Brand Ambassadors are kindred spirits who feel inspired by CTG Yoga and embody what we represent (mindfulness, true-self, grace and authenticity). As a Brand Ambassador, you will develop a symbiotic relationship with CTG Yoga  where you gain exposure and connection to the momentum of this movement, and get access to new products before the rest of the world. In return, we ask that you interact/help expose the brand to your social (media) circle (i.e. posting on Instagram and/or FaceBook) 1-3 times a week. That can mean doing a post wearing one of @ctgdrygoods products, regram-ing a post on either @ctgyogalife or @ctgdrygoods, or coming up with something entirely unique that can draw @ctgyogalife/@ctgdrygoods into your world. The idea is to keep it organic and genuine, but  work collectively as one to share the mission of CTG Yoga and help create the grace even more. If this sounds pleasant to you, please read through the following details that explain both your responsibilities and your rewards. 

What You Get:

  • FREE CTG Swag Bag (shipped right to your door). This contains a few of our most current accessories and print material to make you an expert on the brand. These items are for YOU and are sent to you to incorporate into photos. 
  • Digital Media Packs. These will vary in size depending on the season but usually will contain 1-5 photos that you can post on Instagram and will be sent out when applicable (up to once a week) 
  • A 25% discount on ALL CTG Drygoods.  We know you love our product so we want to make it as easy for you as possible to get your hands on the latest and greatest creations. We don't even care if you share the love with some of your closest pals--just share the story.

What You Do:

  • Follow @ctgyogalife AND @ctgdrygoods on Instagram and CTG Yoga on Facebook (be sure to add Cait as a friend too! You can find her by looking up "Caitlin Gottschalk").
  • YOUR MOST IMPORTANT DUTY: Create an "organic post"  1-3 times a week and tag @ctgyogalife and @ctgdrygoods in it. You have complete creative control over both the image and content. 
  • Keep an active eye on current photos posted on both feeds and "like" them as you are able
  • Chime in with comments on photos that inspire you! We want to get to know you and we want the rest of the world to know you too, so don't be shy! 
  • Read and familiarize yourself with content sent out in weekly emails. 
  • Post coordinated "Promo Posts" with the team up to twice a month (these posts are when we do large product releases or announce major events coming up. We do them in unison to make a larger impact. The promo posts will be sent out by CTG Yoga and the image and content will be provided for you. These posts will happen more often during the holiday season but will be no more than 2 in any month).


Ready to create some grace with us?! Thought so.

We are excited to meet you. Fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly.


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Do you have anything else for us?
This is for the overachievers and is by no means mandatory. But if you have anything else (your coolest Instagram photo(s), writing that your super proud of, music that you've made, or art you've created) that would help us get to know you even better, please email attachments in a .ZIP file (or Google Drive) to caitlingottschalk@gmail.com and write "CTG BRAND AMBASSADOR VISUALS".