CTG Yoga is the brainchild of Caitlin Gottschalk.  CTG stands for "Cait the Great"--a childhood nickname that became a metaphor for the pure potential that each of us hold within. It was the seed that inspired a lifestyle of mindfulness, greatness and grace.  CTG began as a small fashion label that focused on one-of-a-kind handcrafted wearables made from found vintage materials. The brand applied traditional crafting techniques to modern silhouettes and valued quality over quantity. 

CTG Yoga offers limited-batch dry goods made from sustainable sources and various forms of yoga + meditation gatherings to the community. Our motto is "create the grace".  Our "bread and butter" are our Security Blankets which are meditation sweaters made from recycled afghans. They are sourced sustainably, designed mindfully, and produced locally. We give a portion of our profits from the sale of our Security Blankets back to fuel our do-good initiative, "The Mindfulness Movement" which brings classes on meditation, yoga, creative expression and art to underserved youth in Minnesota. 

Whether it is physically or spiritually, CTG aims to empower and inspire from the inside out to help create a more mindful, and graceful you. 

Live Greatly. Live Gracefully. Create the grace.  

M E E T    [ t h e ]    T R I B E

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CTG Yoga Owner/Founder | RYT-200

Caitlin Gottschalk is the Owner/Founder of CTG Yoga and is 200hr Certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor located in the Twin Cities. She is trained in Sacred Geometry Level I and is passionate about creating sacred spaces for people to deepen their practice and process of healing. In addition to teaching yoga, she also offers group and individual sound healing sessions with her set of quartz crystal singing bowls. To schedule a personal session with Caitlin, please click below.

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Reiki II Certified | RYT-200

Ashley is Reiki II certified and is trained in SomaYoga, a therapeutic style of yoga which helps strengthen awareness of the body. Ashley works side-by-side with CTG Yoga to help bring their events to life. She is also the co-founder of CTG Yoga's Crystal Healing Sessions where she blends her Reiki energy work with the use of crystal singing bowls. To schedule a personal session with Ashley, please click below.




Resident Astrologer | Emergent Astrology

"Between the surface and the depths, something emerges... 

Astrology for living from the inside out."

Oliver assists clients to embody their soul purpose through astrology and guided meditation. Oliver offers his energetic wisdom for each of CTG Yoga's Moon Meditation events and offers personalized chart readings. To schedule a reading with Oliver, please click below.



For all inquiries regarding CTG Yoga, please connect via phone or email!

T: +651.587.4528
E: caitlingottschalk@gmail.com

Snail Mail for letters:

CTG|YOGA  1315 Englewood Ave Saint Paul, MN 55104

Event Cancellation Policy

For a full refund on Moon Meditation tickets, you must cancel with more than 24hr notice by email or phone. Crystal Healing Session cancellation policies vary by studio. Please reach out if you have specific questions. 

Return Policy

We handle returns on a case-by-case basis. Please email caitlingottschalk@gmail.com with any issues.

Are you inspired by CTG Yoga? We want you on our team! Click here to find out how to become a Brand Ambassador!

Are you inspired by CTG Yoga? We want you on our team! Click here to find out how to become a Brand Ambassador!

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